Blood Orange Humm Zero


Don’t let the name fool you! This sweet elixir is made from the wonderfully tangy and beautifully colored citrus fruit, minus the sugar!

16 pack16 Pack


  • PACKED WITH PROBIOTICS, GUARANTEED: 2 billion live probiotics and raw fermentation for optimum gut and supports a healthy immune system. Can your favorite drink guarantee 2 billion probiotics?
  • ZERO SUGAR: Our proprietary process eliminates sugar during fermentation.
  • ABSURDLY TASTY: Humm is a flavor-forward, easy-to-drink kombucha made with flavors you like. No strong vinegar taste in any of our flavors.
  • 100% REAL: Real fruit, no artificial sweeteners, USDA certified organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Keto-friendly and gluten free. Plus: Only 10 calories per can, loaded with vitamin B12 to boost energy.
  • CONVENIENT: No refrigeration needed. Because it’s in a can, it is easy and convenient to take our super healthy drink on the go.